Tomorrow starts our next individual fundraiser! We will be selling SaveAround Coupon Books for 2020. All orders will be due back at the BEGINNING of practice on August 26th. An order form with 1 coupon book and info sheet will be sent home with each child after band camp tomorrow. Each book will be $25 and your student will receive $12.50 (that’s 50% profit!) per coupon book sold. All checks should be made payable to LHS Marching Band. To view a sample of what is in the book, or to share with others, please visit

Here are a few things to make sure of when selling these books: – If you do not sell any books, please return the unsold book by August 26th. If you do not return this book, you will owe $25. – For every 5 books sold, you get a free book. DO NOT put your free book on the order form. It will be calculated separately. -On the back of your order form are out-of-town editions available for purchase. Be sure to mark the correct book code on the front of the form to ensure you get the correct book. All books will be given to you and you will be responsible for shipping the books yourself. -We will only be taking cash or checks for this fundraiser. We will not be utilizing the credit card option as there are extra fees applied to those.

If you have any questions or concerns with this fundraiser, please email Joann Piasecki at, with MB in the subject, and she will be more than happy to assist you.