Lancaster High School Marching Legends



Fundraising Update

Basket Raffle Pre-Sale Forms

The basket raffle pre-sale forms were handed out last night at practice. If your child did not receive theirs, they can pick them up at Thursday’s practice.

Important Information

September Gift Card Calendar Winner’s List

To try and ensure anyone who purchased a gift card calendar for September can view the winners each day, I have created a page on this website for everyone to view the winners.

September Gift Card Calendar Drawing

A Facebook Event has been created to post the videos of the September gift card calendar winners. Please be sure you add yourself and anyone purchased calendars to this group. This will be the main place where winners will be announced. There will also be a page created on here to list the winners each day as well. All winners will be notified by phone the day of the drawing or the next day. If you have any questions concerning this event, please contact Christine Gust.

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